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Krav Maga Punches & Strikes
  1.     Cross Body Punch
  2.     Elbow Strike 
  3.     Eye Strike 
  4.     Hammer Fist
  5.     Headbutt
  6.     Hook Punch
  7.     Inside Chop or Knife Hand Strike
  8.     Mouth Of Hand
  9.     Outside Chop
  10.     Palm Heel Strike
  11.     Straight Punch
  12.     Uppercut Punch 
Defenses Against Punches

  1.     Defense Against Hook Punch
  2.     Defense Against Straight Punch
  3.     Defense Against Uppercut Punch 
  4.     Defense Against Uppercut Punch 
  5.     Defense Against Punches When Mounted (Defense Against Punches When An Attacker Is On Top Of You)
  6.     360 Defense 
You can learn all these techniques but if you are beginner then concentrate on Krav Maga For Beginners Pdf Angry Training 

Simple Evil Guide to defend yourself against knife attack

Defend against a knife 1.jpg
Stay calm.  If you confuse or afraid, you're providing him a benefit prior to you begin. Breathe deeply. If you understand the opponent, ask yourself if they would in fact make use of the knife or simply threaten you.

Defend against a knife 2.jpg
Think about methods to reduce the scenario. If it's a thug, offer in. Your wallet and phone aren't worth your life.
Defend against a knife  3.jpg
Strategy your next step. If you have no other option of safe escape and your only alternative is to combat, believe it with. If it's a thug simply inform him you do not have anything and remain determined. If the thug is panicking he could occasionally come and browse you. That's your chance to strike. If he makes you end up your pockets, then this will not work.
Defend against a knife  4.jpg
Daunt. Attempt your finest to talk them into leaving you alone. This could unnerve them, however the assaulter will most likely remain. Attempt entering a battling position, ideally boxing. Wrestling positions are not advised as it reveals opens your chest.
Defend against a knife  5.jpg
Choose to eliminate or safeguard. If you choose him, he has a possibility to protect himself, however you have the aspect of surprise. Awaiting him to lunge gets rid of a lot of the capability of defence on his part, however you should be prepared for it.
Defend against a knife  6.jpg
Opt for the wrists. Getting his wrist clutching the knife eliminates the threat of the knife. Be all set for a punch or blow.
Defend against a knife  7.jpg
Point the blade away. He will certainly most likely shot to pry the knife away with both hands. If you do not believe you can beat him in brute strength to recuperate the knife, headbutt the enemy. Relying on the challenger, this will certainly do anything in between ending the battle to offering you a 2nd or more to focus on the knife. If taking the knife is too difficult, attempt to sweep his legs while keeping the knife away, then as he drops you have a little window to a minimum of regulate the direction of the knife. Turn it on him and push. He will ideally quit since you're on leading and have your strength AND body weight, whereas he has strength just. Keep pressing. If he takes a hand off even for a 2nd to attack you, you'll have the chance to push it into his chest.
Defend against a knife  8.jpg
Do not think of it. If he begins to plead to be release, then it's your selection. Letting him go opens you to the threat of another attack. Pressing up until he is stabbed and not able to eliminate would eliminate him, which's constantly undesirable.
Defend against a knife  9.jpg
Truthfully, if you're ever robbed, it's uncertain that any post will certainly have the ability to prepare you for exactly what occurs. In reality, individuals are unforeseeable and circumstances will certainly emerge beyond the ones that have actually been pointed out. Registration in a a self-defense or martial arts course is suggested.



The Insider's Guide to How to Defend Against Stabbing

Defend against stabbing 1.jpg
Think about short, edged weapons. They are extremely reliable. They do not need big and strong motions, raising the arm or drawing it back prior to striking. All the strength needed to stab somebody is the strength of a push and an inexperienced individual can quickly stab at a rate of 4 stabs per second.
Defend against stabbing 2.jpg
Keep in mind that all body parts are excellent targets. To make things even worse, all body parts are excellent targets. A stab to the hand or arm could disable it and open deadly targets on the trunk, thighs, neck and face.
Defend against stabbing 3.jpg
Discover some steps and practice. Exactly what defenses are there versus such attacks? Provide your partner a marker, placed on some safety pads yourself (a stab with a marker can trigger major injury, too), and see exactly what you can do.
Defend against stabbing 4.jpg
Know that you will certainly not have much possibility of deflecting the "weapon" due to the fact that of the speed of the enemy's light, non-committing motions.
Defend against stabbing 5.jpg
Do not kick the assaulter. This action will likely lead to a series of stabs and cuts to the leg that can be either deadly or debilitating for life - once again due to the fact that all it takes is for them to reroute a light motion of the blade to your leg, a motion that would be too weak or light and expensive to deflect your kick with an empty hand.
Defend against stabbing 6.jpg
Do not get hold of either hand of the assaulter; getting terribly cut is most likely from this action
Defend against stabbing 7.jpg
Swiftly discover that unless you can avoid your enemy from drawing out the weapon, your finest defense is to obtain range, put challenges in between you and the assaulter. After you put even more than 5 lawns in between you and the opponent or lag a challenge that will certainly slow the enemy down for a couple of seconds, the very best defense versus an edged weapon is a weapon.
Defend against stabbing 8.jpg
If you are without any armed since it is unlawful for you to have the methods of self-defence - your right to self-defence is broken - you will certainly need to improvise and utilize items within your reach to safeguard yourself.
Defend against stabbing 9.jpg
You might get fortunate. A stick could match the speed of a knife, tossed stones can stop the aggressor, dirt or clothing included the face could confuse them for a minute.


Details concerning resisting stabbing attacks. In 2006, emergency situation departments in the U.S.A reported dealing with 220,580 injuries caused by cutting or piercing injuries. Of those sufferers, 11,748 passed away. Slit injuries triggered 11,115 of these deaths and slashes the staying 633.
Time to Action
Include these stats to the useful observation that stabs are quicker than slashes and much easier to do in a "quick fire" series and you must conclude that this is a kind of attack you must exercise defenses versus.
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